Singapore Acne Treatment Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT)

The Clifford Clinic at Raffles Place, Singapore has launch gold photothermal therapy services that uses gold nanoparticles (also known as sebacia) to treat acne. The procedure is safe and does not require anaesthesia or downtime.

The Clifford Clinic, is a specialist centre in Singapore that focuses on medical aesthetics, dermatology, plastics and reconstructive surgery has announced the launch of its updated gold photothermal therapy services for treating acne at its centre in Singapore.

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With the revolutionary improvement in nano technology, The Clifford Clinic is proud to be the first clinic to adopt the use of gold nanoparticles in the treatment of pimples, blackheads and other forms of acne.

How does Gold PTT work?

Acne is a combined result of over-secretion of oily sebum from sebaceous glands, together with bacterial infection of the pores these glands are located in. The excess sebum traps dead skin cells, bacterial remains and other debris, clogging and inflaming them, leading to an acne breakout. Clifford Clinic’s Gold PTT, tackles both the hyperactive sebaceous glands and the bacterial infection, treating acne at its core.

The treatment uses specially engineered gold nanoparticles (also known as sebacia) which have high affinity for the pores of the skin. During treatment, an ampoule containing these nanoparticles are first applied to the clean face. Next, the nanoparticles are then massaged into the pores using Bellasonic, a low-frequency ultrasound therapy device imported from South Korea specifically designed for drug delivery into the skin. Bellasonic is exclusive to The Clifford Clinic and is currently the only sonophoresis with a unique ultrasound wavelength of 40khz that has been proven to pulse the gold nanoparticles directly into the oil glands.

Any excess nanoparticles are then gently wiped away. Finally, our doctors will use a specialised long-pulse dermatology laser to excite the nanoparticles, heating them up. The heat permanently transforms the treated sebaceous glands via thermolysis, reducing their secretion, at the same time kill acne causing bacteria residing in the pores. The reduced sebum production and bacteria effectively halts active acne breakouts, as well as preventing future ones.

Gold PTT typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes per session, with 3 treatment sessions over the course of a week. It is relatively painless with minimal downtime. Most of The Clifford Clinic’s patients can expect noticeable improvements in their acne about six weeks into the treatment, with some even seeing slight results after just the first session.

Dr Gerard Ee and Dr Chow Yuen Ho, Aesthetic Doctors and Medical Directors of The Clifford Clinic, strongly believe that all treatments for skin ailments should address the problem at the roots.

The doctors are always keeping themselves abreast of the latest technologies in the field of aesthetics medicine and dermatology. Gold PTT’s promising clinical results in recent medical studies stood out amongst the rest of the treatments and Dr Ee has hence decided to adopt the treatment in Clifford Clinic for the benefit of the patients.

Clifford Clinic also offers a wide variety of treatment options for the same condition, but work via a different mechanism. This allows the doctors to develop a customised treatment plan for every single patient which caters to their unique conditions.

“Clifford Clinic always have the interests and safety of our patients as the first priority,” says Dr Ee. “We do our best to provide no less that what is needed, and more if patients desire so.”

A satisfied customer said: “The clinic’s experienced staff was friendly and caring, able to answer enquiries promptly and recommend suitable treatments to cater to my aesthetic needs.”

Interested parties can find additional information about The Clifford Clinic’s services at Alternatively, you may contact the clinic at 6532 2400 or The clinic’s team of experienced doctors will conduct a thorough assessment and recommend a suitable, customised treatment regimen for you.

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