Simpsonville Auto Glass Tinting UV Protection Window Tint Film Packages Launched

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Simpsonville auto glass specialists at Perfect Darkness Tint announced the launch of new IR Heat protection auto tint film packages. Customers can choose the latest nano-ceramic & carbon-ceramic non-fade car window tint films that offer 99.9% UV protection & up to 98% IR heat rejection

Simpsonville auto glass tinting specialists at Perfect Darkness Tint announced the launch of new IR heat rejection and UV protection window tint film packages. The company showcased its new line of nano-ceramic and nano-particle carbon reflective and heat-resistance films.

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The car glass tinting company in Simpsonville now offers the latest in carbon nanotechnology and ceramic automotive window tinting solutions. The company showcased Flexfilm’s latest auto window films—Terraflex, Nanoflex, and Panaflex.

Perfect Darkness Tint showcased the next-generation automotive window hyper films for their superior heat rejection and ultraviolet (UV) protection. The Nanoflex line of premium ceramic auto films features 98 percent infrared rejection and 99.9 percent UV protection. Panaflex carbon ceramic and Terraflex Nano-Carbon products block up to 87 percent and 60 percent of incident infrared heat radiation.

The new line of window films features five layers of protection—a hard coat, clear polyester layer, the laminate adhesive layer, clear polyester, and a mounting adhesive layer. The hard coat and laminate adhesive layer contain nanoparticles for improved infrared radiation reflectivity, keeping the interiors cool and preventing upholstery from fading and UV damage. The aftermarket high-performance UV films do not contain any dyes and are fade-resistant.

Automotive window tint professionals at Perfect Darkness Tint ensures that you are aware of all window tinting South Carolina law covering tint darkness for cars, trucks, and SUVs. All tint installations are performed by experienced Simpsonville automotive window tint installers. The company provides automotive tint services for all domestic and import models.

Visit to learn more about auto window tint packages in Simpsonville. Customers can now choose and buy their window tint package online.

According to a spokesperson for the top-rated Simpsonville automotive window tint experts, “We are delighted to offer Nanoflex Nano Ceramic tint, Panaflex Carbon Ceramic tint, and Terraflex Nano-Carbon products for superior UV and IR performance. We are committed to providing the most affordable, high-quality auto window tint quotes Simpsonville has to offer.”

Perfect Darkness Tint is a full-service automotive, residential, and commercial window tint solutions provider based in Simpsonville, SC. Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur and Master Tinting Technician Jeremy Creager. The company is the trusted aftermarket tinter for Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, and Volvo dealerships, as well as Lexus of Greenville.

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