Simple Quiz Engine Valerie DuVall 2017 WordPress Quizzes Builder Plugin Launched

A new quiz builder entitled Simple Quiz Engine which allows marketers to create engaging and viral quizzes that send viewers to sales pages specifically tailored to their answers, effectively boosting not only customer engagement and brand exposure but also opt-ins and sales, has been launched.

Simple Quiz Engine, an essential and highly anticipated WordPress plugin which allows marketers, businesses and brands to quickly and easily create the most engaging, viral and custom quizzes for increased customer engagement, opt-ins and sales, has been launched.

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Interactive content is quickly emerging as one of the most effective tools for brands, businesses and marketers to engage and convert their audience, with recent studies showing quizzes are 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks and get an average 50% opt-in rate, which means half of the people who finish a quiz will enter their email address.

To help all marketers, brands and businesses be able to leverage the engagement, viral exposure and conversion potential of interactive content and more specifically quizzes, Valerie DuVall and David Perdew announced the launch of Simple Quiz Engine, a WordPress plugin which allows anyone to easily create the most engaging and viral quizzes to skyrocket their customer engagement, opt-ins and sales.

The Simple Quiz Engine plugin creates simple or more complicated quizzes that send viewers to content and sales pages specifically tailored to their answers for a convenient and automatic segmentation of their leads that allows for more effective, targeted marketing efforts. The plugin can also be used with any autoresponder that allows tagging and will integrate using the autoresponder’s API.

More information on the Simple Quiz Engine and its range of simple and original features ideal for marketers looking to boost their engagement and exposure while getting more opt-ins and sales along with a video walkthrough of the plugin and details on the 5 bonus quiz templates or the valuable quiz marketing & implementation guide included with the WP plugin can be consulted at the website link provided above or at

The Simple Quiz Engine developer, Valerie DuVall and David Perdew, explains that “this is a powerful software to skyrocket customer engagement, opt-ins and sales. With Simple Quiz Engine, our fellow marketers can easily create completely customized quizzes with as many questions as they want, which will send prospects to content and sales pages specifically tailored for their answers, allowing for a perfect segmentation of their list and leads based on the quiz results.”

Release ID: 178861