Simple Direct Cremation Service For Melbourne Residents Launched

Just A Simple Cremation now offers simple direct cremation only services at affordable prices for Melbourne residents that clients can trust. Clients can prearrange services for themselves so that they have the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

Just A Simple Cremation announced the release of new professional and affordable cremation only funeral services for residents of Melbourne and the neighboring cities in Victoria, Australia.

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Just a Simple Cremation specializes in cremation only funerals for the loved ones that are at an affordable price and without any compromise on the care they provide. They provide expert guidance and support and the best service value wanted by local families. The Just A Simple Cremation staff works with each client individually to customize the services and meet their unique needs.

Just A Simple Cremation is an independently owned funeral home located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

A spokesperson for Just A Simple Cremation said: “We believe that everybody deserves a compassionate and dignified farewell. Our direct cremations are simple and yet our customers can still be reassured that all aspects are carried out professionally and with the utmost respect.”

The Just A Simple Cremation funeral directors are experienced and qualified and have years of experience arranging the details of various cremation funeral ceremonies: from the first contact to the delivery of the remains of the deceased.

For the families that choose not to have a formal funeral service and simply wish that the deceased be cremated, Just A Simple Cremation offers an option for a simple, dignified private cremation.

The options on cremation can be simple to a full traditional service with viewing and service. The company helps with picking up the deceased into their care, completing the required paperwork, performing the cremation and returning the cremated remains in a temporary container or capsule. They also offer basic mortuary care and accommodation of the deceased until the time of the cremation.

Just A Simple Cremation is located at 444 Neerim Road, Murrumbeena, Victoria 3163, Australia.

Interested parties can call +61-3-9563-1155 so that a representative of Just A Simple Cremation can guide them through the no-fuss, no-hassle cremation process of visit for more information about the professional cremation services.

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