Simi Valley Implant Specialists Have Marketing Help On The Way

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Most implant experts have a hard time marketing their services to patients in the areas they practice in. The Tooth Implant Pros are looking to partner with the right Simi Valley implant dentist.

The primary tooth replacement solution forty years ago were dentures. Today, people go out of their way to have dental implants inserted. Dentures, in their original form, are slowing going out of vogue. They are being replaced with what’s often searched in Google as “denture implants.” Most people have no idea what to call them, but they know what they are when they see them. This is because they’ve seen them everywhere online now for the past 10 years. They are referring to All-on-4 or All-on-6 implants. This is where the implant specialist drills four to six holes, depending on which procedure the patient decides to get, into four strategic areas of the jawbone. They then take a set of dentures, designed to fit perfectly within the patient’s mouth, and attach them to implants.

This new form of denture is based on implant technology. Implants are no longer the future. They are happening now, and the technology is getting better every day. The challenge most dental practices have, which is the same problem they’ve always had – is marketing. Most dentists think a snazzy website is all they really need to focus on to drive search engine traffic to their website; and eventually their office. This approach may have worked 10 years ago, when there were fewer practices online – but that is no longer the case. There are new practices opening up every day, and they’re also coming online as well. The dental competition is fierce today, and only a few practices are generating a boatload share of the traffic, and overall business.

The Tooth Implant Pros are not looking to revolutionize the industry. There are only a few companies that make that kind of history. But what the Tooth Implant Pros is looking to do, is to help one practice, in every city they decide to set up their system in, develop a steady stream of prospective implant patients. They’ve already done it in the Northeast, and they’re looking to bring their lead generation recipe to other cities around the country.

Most dentists utilize poor marketing strategies, and it’s why they don’t generate much business from their website. The Tooth Implant Pros of Simi Valley will use the power of organic search to send prospective patients to a dental implant expert they partner up with. The Pros are talking with several implant specialists, and whichever they feel is a right fit will work with them to bring implant services to the residents of Simi Valley.

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