Simi Valley CA Private Outpatient Substance/Alcohol Addiction Treatment Launched

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Adjustments Family Services (805-316-7050) announces outpatient programs for professionals in Simi Valley and Ventura County, CA with drug and alcohol services in a private, executive setting.

Clients seeking a solution to drug or alcohol dependency issues now have evidence-backed solutions that work with their lifestyle. Adjustments Family Services’ newly updated programs provide a private and secure method of treating the problem.

For more information about outpatient programs for professionals, please visit

The announced programs for professionals provide a solution that will protect the job security of clients working in the business hubs in and around Los Angeles. The programs offer after-hours treatment and telehealth options so clients can continue to attend their jobs while also receiving the help they need to improve their situation.

The admissions staff at Adjustments Family Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so that clients can seek immediate help whenever it may be required. To assist professionals in maintaining their regular schedule, they offer late evening sessions that can be attended privately after the workday is completed.

Clients with corresponding needs and availability can make use of the facility’s telehealth program to receive care in their own homes. All the treatment options use evidence-backed approaches, including dual-diagnosis treatment and trauma-based therapy.

Clients who require additional help can also enroll in the Adjustments Family Services intensive outpatient programs, which offer a more structured approach to treating substance and alcohol abuse issues. The intensive programs include over 20 hours per week of in-person treatment at a rehabilitation center. To learn more about intensive outpatient programs please visit

Intensive outpatient programs offer many of the same advantages as traditional inpatient programs, while still allowing clients to maintain their regular daily lives. While there is no strict evidence to say which program is more effective, many clients find that being able to return to their families, jobs, and homes has a positive effect on their recovery.

A satisfied client said, “I want to thank everyone at AFS. They go above and beyond for their clients. I’ve gone to several detox and outpatient programs, but this is the first one where I’ve felt loved and appreciated. The program helped me in so many ways and gave me the tools to live life on life’s terms. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

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