Silver Spring MD Personal Growth Life Coaching – Career Success Program Launched

Silver Spring, MD - LiveAllGood Coaching LLC launches as an affordable online personal development and growth program. The company offers intensive one-on-one classes that guide students towards their definition of success.

Led by Lee Grigsby, the newly established personal coaching center takes a holistic approach to self-improvement. The life coach works with his clients to create a realistic blueprint on the step-by-step actions they need to take to enhance their lives.

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This new plan includes setting measurable milestones on career satisfaction, personal relationships, and spiritual growth. While each of these aspects contributes to the overall wellbeing of a person, few coaching programs in the state support clients in all three – a gap in the market that Grigsby attempts to fill.

Emerging research suggests that the current pandemic has negatively impacted the mental health of many people. More working professionals are reporting experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, and restlessness, and say that these emotions have impaired the way they live their lives.

Coaching is a recommended alternative to traditional talk therapy. Whereas the latter addresses past trauma, the former focuses on designing goal-oriented plans for the future. As such, personal growth coaching is recommended for those who are suffering from “pandemic fatigue”, or the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty.

Grigsby believes in empowerment through discovery. He says that most people operate on autopilot and live unfulfilled lives because they remain unaware of their potential. The personal development coach guides patients to recognize their self-limiting beliefs so that they can take the first steps towards success.

It is a misconception, he says, that people are confined to their circumstances. Unplanned external events, such as the current health crisis, do not define who a person is but can be used as catalysts for personal growth.

LiveAllGood is on a mission to inspire more people to begin the journey towards self-improvement. Not only does the company offer life coaching sessions, but it also offers nutritional counseling as well.

A grateful client wrote, “I reflected on so many aspects that I never thought about that were affecting my overall health goals. I also learned where my strengths were and really appreciated having Lee acknowledge my accomplishments as well as hold me accountable.”

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