Silixa Provides Information About Distributed Fibre-Optic Sensing Systems

Silixa Provides Information About Distributed Fibre-Optic Sensing Systems, what they are and how they are beneficial

Earlier today, distributed fibre optic sensing systems and solutions expert, Silixa discussed its services and how it can benefit the industry. Silixa was established way back in 2007 with the sole purpose of commercialising the next generation of optical fibre sensors. Since then, not only has it won awards for its contribution to the industry, it has also consistently redefined the limits of what’s possible and revolutionized various industries.

Silixa’s integrated distributed fibre optic technology provides an ultra high-definition data set that has the ability to solve mission critical measurements and challenges that are present within alternative energy, mining, environmental and earth sciences, and the oil and gas sectors. Its dedicated team is domain specific and uses its expertise to deliver world-class, real-time data solutions to clients. This enables clients to gain more of an actionable insight into their available assets and systems in order to increase efficiency, prevent loss, and reduce overall operational costs.

One of Silixa’s most notable services is its cable design engineering. It possesses an extraordinary amount of knowledge when it comes to designing and constructing fibre optic cables. The cable itself, with its integral fibres is what creates its sensors, meaning it’s an absolutely vital part of the entire monitoring system. Using their accumulated wealth of experience and research, the operations engineers understand how these cables need to be built and most importantly, how they’re installed.

By understanding what the clients require, Silixa can supply, integrate, and even install fit-for-purpose cables and assemblies. It makes use of a reliable, global supply chain and can deliver its cables worldwide without any unnecessary delays.

It’s not just cables that Silixa develops, however. It also offers various services, such as help desk support, data processing, and interpretation. Interested parties can find a service that they require. When it comes to data processing, Silixa mentioned how high bandwidth distributed measurements often result in large amounts of data, which can cause significant challenges to information management. Silixa has protocols in place to help clients manage this challenge, and offers in-house experts to provide additional support if required.

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