Silicone Oven Rack Guard Prevent Burns Dishwasher Safe Product Launched

A new silicone oven rack guard has been launched by online retailer, AmaziPro8. The oven rack guard is heat resistant up to 446F or 230C to help prevent burns and comes as a set of two.

Online retailer, AmaziPro8, has launched a new silicone oven rack guard. This oven rack guard is heat resistant to help guard against burns and comes complete with free recipe books.

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The AmaziPro8 original heat resistant silicone oven rack guard, available from Amazon, come as a set of two guards each 14 inches long. The size ensures that the majority of the length of oven racks edges are covered, protecting the oven user from potential burns to arms and hands.

These soft guards are easily slipped over the edges of oven racks with a minimum of effort and can be used to avoid burn accidents when using ovens, microwave ovens and toaster ovens. These guards are also 100% waterproof so customers do not need to worry about spilling hot liquids or oils on them during the cooking process.

The site states that the silicone guards are heat resistant for up to 446F or 230C and are easy to clean, either by hand washing with soapy water or placing in the dishwasher. BPA free and approved by the FDA, these oven rack guards are eco friendly, soft and non sticky.

Also included with a customers purchase of these guards is a free mini collapsible silicone key chain cup in a random color and eight free recipe books. The recipe books which are delivered in digital format by email. Include Cooking with Ground Beef, 300 Chicken Recipes and 300 Recipes for the Grill.

Silicone cookware has become very popular in recent years and there are many reasons for that popularity. Silicone cookware in all its formats is durable, long lasting and is soft and flexible. Silicone will not rust and if dropped on the floor, it will not break and is light weight and easy to store. It is incredibly easy to care for and can be placed in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer as well as the oven.

AmaziPro8 offers a full satisfaction and money back guarantee on the heat resistant oven rack guards.

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