Silicon Valley Real Estate Home Sale Promise Guaranteed Buyer Service Launched

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Luethje Group in Silicon Valley has launched a new service guarantee to ensure that clients always sell their homes. They promise in writing to sell the home in a timely manner, or buy it themselves.

A dynamic real estate team in Silicon Valley has launched a new customer-first service to guarantee home sales. Steve Luethje and his team at the Luethje Group aren’t afraid to take risks, and with the new service they provide game-changing guarantees that mitigate risks for the client.

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While every real estate agent in the business promises to sell their clients homes, the reality of the situation is often that this doesn’t happen. Many homes get listed for months at a time, leading to frustration for the seller and disillusionment with the process.

The Luethje Group sets itself apart from other real estate agencies because it places huge emphasis on being accountable to the client. With its newly launched guarantee service, home sellers know that their house will always sell.

This is because from the moment they sign with the Luethje Group, the team gets to work trying to sell the client’s property. Then if no sale takes place, Steve Luethje will buy the property himself.

In this way, the new service from the Luethje Group provides added peace of mind for the client, because they know their home will always sell. The group guarantees in writing to sell the property in a timely manner, at a price acceptable to the client. Otherwise they step up and buy it themselves.

For Steve Luethje, these promises to the client are an integral part of the business. He knows that through his team’s training, knowledge of the local market, and substantial client list, he is able to offer clients the best chance of selling their home.

The Luethje Group currently has over 2,000 buyers in its personal database, which the team has established through a combination of extensive networking, referrals and marketing.

In addition to this, the team has over 30,000 buyers in waiting that is has available through its network with other agents. Through this network, they can share best practices, discuss the most advanced marketing strategies, and build relationships.

The team states: “We’ve found that building relationships with other agents has been very positive for the exposure of our client’s homes. This positioning is key to selling homes fast, for top dollar and with the least amount of hassle.”

Full details of the new service can be found on the URL above.

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