Silicon Valley Commercial Light bulbs/ Fixtures & Batteries Bulk Sales Launched

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Silicon Valley based Batteries n Bulbs has expanded their services and launched bulk quantity sales for light bulbs and fixtures for all kinds of commercial and industrial applications.

Batteries n Bulbs Superstore, an online shop specializing in light bulbs, batteries, and lighting fixtures, has expanded their services to launch bulk quantity sales for commercial and industrial establishments. In addition to their ecommerce store, the business has a physical store in Sunnyvale, CA at the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Batteries n Bulbs offers an extensive array of light bulbs and lighting equipment for residential and commercial or industrial purposes. With their expanded services, they can now serve bulk orders for a wide range of applications.

The company has relationships with nearly all light bulb manufacturers in the world, including Satco ,Nuvo, Starfish, Bulbrite, Ushio, Diode LED, Maxlite, and other brands considered to be the largest in the industry. Their ties with these companies allow Batteries n Bulbs to supply their customers with both bulk quantity and single light bulb sales.

Batteries n Bulbs also provides customers with expert advice on the right products and solutions for their specific needs. Their range of products includes light bulbs and fixtures for a broad array of industrial and commercial uses, including scientific, medical, technology, and audio-visual purposes.

In addition, the company offers products suitable for retail businesses, residential buildings, warehouses, and other commercial applications. Among their most specialized products are bulbs and fixtures for parties and special occasions, which include vintage style bulbs, heavy duty light strings, color changing bulbs, and more.

Batteries n Bulbs also offers a complete range of products for businesses interested in LED retrofitting, including strip or tape lighting with lengths from 16 to 400 feet, omni-directional lights, shoebox light fixtures, and others. The company can also recycle old fluorescent light bulbs and tubes for a comprehensive sustainable solution.

Established in 1992 in Sunnyvale, CA as the Bulb Store, the business changed their name in 2003 to reflect the inclusion of hard to find batteries in their product range. Batteries n Bulbs has a large selection of products on stock, fulfilling about 98% of orders from on hand inventory.

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