Silicon Valey Based Animation Company Launch New Service For Sotware Developers

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A Silicon Valey based media company launches their explainer video production services specifically for software companies interested in promoting their products and their features.

The Explainer Video Company launches their video production services for software developers looking to boost their online marketing efforts. The Silicon Valey -based media team is in the business of producing animated explainer videos with a specialized approach to suit their clients’ varying industries.

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The newly launched services aim to give software developers a tool that allows their target audience to gain a better understanding of their offerings. Explainer videos are also geared toward building top-of-mind awareness for the software companies when the leads are ready to purchase or sign up.

The company often points out to their clients that people have the tendency to retain 95% of a video’s message, as opposed to text at only 10%. Their explainer videos are designed to leverage this potential in conveying key marketing messages to the software consumer market.

In launching new apps or programs, the videos make an excellent addition to emails and social media posts. As the visual medium is known to encourage more clicks compared to written copy, software companies stand to benefit from better performing online campaigns. Videos generate more shares than links and written posts, resulting in a wider reach as well.

Through their services, The Explainer Video Company also strives to help software developers in establishing their business authority. Aside from demonstrating their product knowledge through the videos, the developers can also highlight both the most advanced and least used features of their software.

Backed by an experienced team of video specialists, the company can produce an animated whiteboard, cartoon animation, and various other styles that the client may request. They also have voiceover artists for all languages and accents.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, The Explainer Video Company makes sure that every element of their output is to their clients’ liking. They state, “You worked hard to develop your software and deserve a top-quality explainer video to sell it. That’s why each stage of our four-step process is subject to your approval.”

The company continues, “We provide you regular updates on your video’s status and we don’t move on to the next step until you’re 100% satisfied with our work.”

Interested parties may access additional details by visiting the website above.

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