Silent Pain Relief In Dogs: Best Canine Trauma Therapy Bodywork Course Launched

Dr. Edward, The Healing Vet, has launched a training webinar covering the WEBB method of holistically relieving & preventing silent pain in pets. Participants learn to identify & safely relieve their dog's pain using holistic bodywork techniques.

Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte has launched webinars that showcase natural alternatives to strong medications used to treat pain, depression, and anxiety in pets. The Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) method focuses on identifying signs that an animal is in pain and teaching pet owners new ways to soothe their pet’s pain and heal their trauma.

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The newly launched webinar addresses a critical area of need that is often ignored. 53% of pet owners do not realize their pet is in significant pain. Dr. Edward will explore the reasons why so many people miss the symptoms of silent pain. He also trains pet owners and caregivers in WEBB bodywork skills to alleviate pain.

Dr. Edward will share the WEBB Bodywork for Pets Somatic Relaxation Technique, which is only a small part of the WEBB method but has proven highly effective for pets suffering from silent pain. The technique addresses and interacts holistically with the animal’s whole body and energy system. It relieves tension in the neuro-fascial system, and this has a positive effect on the whole body.

During the webinars, participants will learn how to communicate with a pet on a higher level and assess conditions based on the WEBB assessment protocol. It also explains how to spot the difference between healthy movements and those influenced by tension and pain. The webinars are suitable for animal lovers with all experience levels and are especially good for dog trainers, groomers, and vet nurses.

Dr. Edward has developed his WEBB method suitable for dogs, cats, and horses. First, he worked closely with equine expert Dr. Tom Ahern, who specializes in neck problems in horses and has shared his experience treating nerve root compression. Dr. Edward then applied the same principles to dogs and cats, using the WEBB approach to treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma, and other conditions.

A satisfied client has said: “The results are clear to see. Happier animals, more relaxed, letting go of trauma, healing faster post-surgery, emotional, mental and physical improvements, all done gently and rapidly.”

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