Sierra Integrative Medical Center Reviews Alternative Lyme Disease Treatment

Sierra Integrative Medical Center revealed a new case study today on their treatment of Lyme disease, where patient Marcia Keenan reviews her many year struggle with Lyme disease, and finally getting her illness into remission with an alternative Lyme disease treatment.

Sierra Integrative Medical Center revealed a new case study today on their treatment of Lyme disease, which demonstrates that Lyme symptoms can often be put into remission with alternative treatments where traditional treatments sometimes fail, especially in cases of chronic Lyme. The clinic continues to have success even in cases where patients have suffered from Lyme disease for many years without relief.

Before coming to SIMC, Marcia Keenan had suffered under other doctors from chronic Lyme disease for many years. After going into renal failure from antibiotics, she switched to more natural ways of fighting Lyme disease until once again her symptoms started coming back with a vengeance. Her symptoms included brain fog, no longer being able to drive, being unable to read any longer, her kidneys going into failure once again, and being very ill with many other debilitating symptoms.

After finding Sierra Integrative Medical Clinic and going through a six week treatment, she has started to get her health back in a big way. She just had her annual check up where there was no evidence of spirochetes in her blood, nor any signs of Lyme. She now hikes several miles a day, five days a week. She also does pilates, and is blessed with excellent health again and has gotten much of her life back.

“I just wish more people knew about this place” Keenan says, “and didn’t allow their health to continue to deteriorate by going the antibiotic route. It just compounds the issue of Lyme disease.”

Sierra Integrative Medical Center’s head physician, Dr. Bruce Fong, says there are many people looking for insights and answers about the treatment of Lyme disease. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

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