Siddharth Rajsekar shows you how to sell more Digital Products with Sales Funnel

India’s leading Digital Coach Launches a Guide authored for Digital Coaches to enable them to generate leads, close sales and retain customers through a efficient sales funnel

Siddharth Rajsekar, India’s leading digital coach and Founder of the Internet Lifestyle Hub, one of the world’s largest communities for coaches, trainers, teachers, and experts with over 15,000 members, has launched a series of guides that will help digital coaches achieve their goals. The next in his series is a guide, to help digital coaches sell their digital products efficiently, with the help of sales funnels. ‘The Ultimate Guide to Selling More Digital Products Using Funnels’ shares Siddharth’s methods that lay a foundation to building his multimillion-dollar information business, basically selling courses and coaching.

A very important concept of marketing is building a sales funnel. A sales funnel is applicable to all products and services because:

A funnel can single out people who are not interested in pursuing the product or service being offered.

As the potential customer further approaches the funnel, the digital coach will be able to filter in people who are genuinely interested in seeking the offerings.

The funnels can be applied to any industry, B2B, B2C and according to Siddharth, it is also P2P, which is person to person.

However the results the digital coach delivers, is what ultimately determines the sale and continuity. The guide shares different frameworks of the funnel but the results depend on the deeper element and intention behind what is being offered.

The contents of the guide will help understand marketing funnels. The guide will cover the following:

What is a sales funnel?

Why does a digital coach need a sales funnel?

The critical elements of a funnel

The stages of a funnel

The funnel that worked best for Siddharth

The best tools to build a funnel

How to measure the success of a funnel?

So what exactly is a sales funnel?. A sales funnel is nothing but a filtering mechanism for the marketer, in this case, the coach. A sales funnel is set up to attract the right customers to a business, irrespective of the nature of the business; digital or physical businesses. A sales funnel is a marketing concept that maps out a customer’s journey when making a purchase. The funnel is a tool but is also symbolic. It does not ensure that the customer will pass through all the levels of the funnel, there is a possibility of potential customers beginning at the top end of the sales funnel too. Regardless, a funnel is very important for the customer’s buying journey. There are multiple stages to a sales funnel, usually called the TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU, or the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, depending on a company’s sales model. The guide explains this in-depth.

Commenting on sales funnels, Siddharth Rajsekar said, “As potential customers pass through each funnel stage, it shows a more profound commitment to the purchase goal. It’s all about defining a customer’s journey, letting the customer go through the journey and providing more value as they move ahead in this journey. “

He further adds, “The truth is only 5% of success of a digital coaching business is determined by the tools and framework. In fact, 80% of a digital coach’s success depends on their own mindset and intentions. 15% of success depends on the way one communicates. So there’s internal communication, external communication, and tools. Most people in the whole video sales world focus on tools by giving 90% weightage to them. The fact is, setting up, is the easy part; one needs to understand and engineer the psychological elements of oneself first, and then the communication that goes along with it. People think that building a sales funnel means just installing the ClickFunnels application and using that. But actually, the funnel is their product, service and the customer journey.”

Before approaching a sales funnel, the guide advises digital coaches to ensure matching their message, market and offering. Many people attend seminars held by digital coaches but do not proceed with the offerings and this is due to the gap that needs to be filled between message, market and the offerings. This game can be mastered when the capture system is set up, the list, conversions and sales are in place, and lastly, when a credible product that addresses a need or problem to sell is established. The foundation of a good sales funnel is based on these aspects.

The stages of a sales funnel are as follows:

Approach the client

Discover client needs

Provide a solution

Close the sale

Follow up

Approaching the client is basically the pre-framing stage, wherein the digital coach should create enough touchpoints before a customer enters the buying stage. This stage is crucial to create leads, gain trust, address needs and create a bond, way before the customer buys anything but at the same time increasing the possibility of a buying behavior. A digital coach can do the same by creating free long and short form videos or bits of information, but at the same time connecting with the audience and not giving out too much information. This will create a buyers base for the offerings.

The moment the digital coach realizes his audience and their need or problem, a solution can be provided, leading the customer to closing a sale. Lastly, following up is as important as the first four stages. In order to create a healthy flow of cash in the digital coaching business, the digital coach must target recurring customers. Following up and providing before the need arises, will retain customers. This also will reduce the pressure of looking for new clients every month.

For all digital coaches out there, struggling with their businesses and client retainment, this guide will be the beginning of a successful coaching business. This guide, along with the other guides will educate digital coaches to sell their product or service in the most efficient way possible. Additionally the mentorship provided by Siddharth Rajsekar about the knowledge business will help coaches achieve any goals they set for themselves.

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