Shrewsbury MA Soft Tissue Graston Technique – Holistic Naprapathy Updated

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Shrewsbury, MA-based complementary therapy specialists Poe Holistic Health (+1-508-388-2853) have launched updated Graston Technique services for clients in Shrewsbury, Grafton and Worcester, MA.

Poe Holistic Health, fascia specialists and lifestyle medicine consultants based in Shrewsbury, MA, have launched updated ‘Graston Technique’ services for clients in Westborough, Northborough, Grafton, Worcester and the wider Boston, MA area. The launch provides expert manual, instrument-assisted soft-tissue therapy designed to break down fascia restrictions caused by trauma.

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With the new update, clients can benefit from head therapist Dr. Kristen Poe’s expertise in pain relief from a wide range of injuries and conditions. Poe Holistic Health offers an all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical treatments for muscular ailments.

According to an article in the PMC journal, the complementary medicine market in the U.S is now worth $9 billion per year. Increasing numbers of patients are turning to alternative therapies to treat a wide range of mild to chronic health conditions.

The Graston Technique offered by Poe Holistic Health focuses on stretching connective tissue within muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. The therapy, also known as soft tissue mobilization, also activates nerve ending fibers and sense receptors, reinvigorating the body’s physiological and neurological systems.

The team is committed to empowering clients to address the root causes of their distress, enabling lifestyle changes in terms of diet and exercise to equip them with tools for self-treatment in the long term.

The Graston technique services form part of Poe Holistic Health’s Naprapathic therapy programs, combining spinal soft tissue manipulation with dietary modifications to aid the body’s natural regenerative process.

Patients can access treatments for chronic conditions, receive personalized holistic health plans, find relief from seasonal allergies and benefit from nutritional deficiency and environmental intolerance solutions.

Dr. Kristen Poe holds a PhD in Alternative Medicine as well as a doctorate in Naprapathy. She brings years of experience in the world of complementary therapy and is a board-certified member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association and a registered Graston Technique clinician.

A satisfied client says, “I followed Dr. Poe’s guidance and within 10 days was already feeling so much better and in control. She listens, works with you and helps you through your process.”

With the launch of the updated Graston Technique services, Poe Holistic Health continue to make high-end, naprapathic treatment solutions accessible to clients throughout Massachusetts.

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