Shreveport Personal Injury & Auto Accident attorneys launch informative guide

The experienced law firm of Bowie & Beresko, APLC, offers free consultations and, has a new guide advising the community of Shreveport when and why an auto accident attorney is important.

The knowledgeable and experienced Shreveport personal injury lawyers at Bowie & Beresko, APLC released a new guide advising when, why and how the public should hire a car wreck or truck accident attorney.

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The team at Bowie & Beresko, APLC is an experienced law firm in Shreveport, Louisiana to turn to when in need of support with a family dispute, a bankruptcy scenario or a personal injury case.

In order to help the community know exactly what to do in the wake of an automobile accident, Bowie & Beresko, APLC has just launched a new guide advising when, why and how to hire a car or truck accident attorney.

The guide begins by sharing the five biggest reasons to hire an auto accident attorney, including the knowledge of details, like the statute of limitations for a claim or comparative fault law.

Insurance companies have a tendency to underpay when not contested by a professional who knows exactly how to calculate the damages, negotiate the compensation, and who understands when to settle. Bowie & Beresko, APLC knows how to build the strongest case to take to court.

Choosing a firm recognized for its excellence of respectfully, yet lawfully communicating with the insurance companies and all the other parties involved is not only beneficial – it is necessary.

This new guide was created by its team of seasoned, skilled personal injury attorneys, who have more than 30 years of experience helping clients negotiate the best settlement, or secure the compensation they deserve in court.

For example, “in the wake of an automobile accident, it’s not uncommon to wonder whether legal support is needed. From our experience, it can be crucial to give the victim a solution where the medical bills, the emotional distress, and their overall well-being is taken care of.”

To see this new guide and book free consultations with the team at Bowie & Beresko, APLC, the public can call 318 221-0600, visit their offices at 400 Travis St., #700, in Shreveport, or go to their website at the link provided above.

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