Shreveport LA Pest Control Termite Treatment & Infestation Control Announced

Shreveport, LA pest control company Redd Pest Control announced its preventive termite control services ahead of swarming season for Louisiana's most common termite species. The company offers preventive treatments, home inspections, and curative treatments to mitigate termite damage to wood structures.

Shreveport, LA pest control company Redd Pest Control announced the availability of its preventive termite treatments and infestation control services. The company has announced these services ahead of the early termite swarming season in Louisiana.

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Given its warm and humid weather, the State of Louisiana is home to several endemic and foreign species of termites. The Eastern subterranean termite and the aggressive Formosan subterranean termite cause damage to walls, foundations, superstructures, and building materials. The former has a swarming period that commences in February while the latter species is active in late spring.

The Louisiana State University Agricultural Center estimates that termites and fungus are responsible for approximately $2 billion in damages to wood structures that are not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Redd Pest Control of Shreveport has announced its preventive services to help homeowners and businesses prevent these losses by proactive treatments against these pests.

Professionally trained technicians from the Bossier City termite control company perform detailed inspections to identify potential infestation sites and deliver preventive services. The company offers annual inspections and recommends the removal of all wood debris, proper drainage setups, repair of all leaks, mulch disposal, and proper home insulation to protect against termites.

According to a spokesperson for the Shreveport termite control company, “We recommend that homeowners have their properties inspected for termite infestations and potential breeding sites ahead of the swarming season. As the leading company for termite control in Shreveport, we are happy to extend our preventive services to residential and commercial customers in the region.”

Redd Pest Control is a full-service all-year pest control and prevention company with more than 27 years of professional termite control experience in Shreveport and Bossier City. The company offers a comprehensive Home Protection Plan that includes preventive inspections and interventions against cockroach, mouse, rat, silverfish, flea, and ant infestations. More information about the company’s services and a free quote are available by calling 318-687-7252 and at the URL above.

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