Shreveport Dental Crowns CEREC Process Same-Day Treatment Service Announced

A new same-day crown treatment service has been launched by Crawford-Jarvis Family Dental. It consolidates multiple treatments into one procedure and eliminates the room for human error.

Crawford-Jarvis Family Dental has announced they can provide local Shreveport, Louisiana patients with same-day single visit dental crowns. The treatment utilizes the CEREC process, and the patient only needs one appointment instead of two, streamlining the treatment.

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Crawford-Jarvis Family Dental is a high quality dental clinic which places added emphasis on maintaining excellent dental health for all their patients. The team strives to offer patients leading dentistry using the latest techniques in a state of the art office.

When patients contact Crawford-Jarvis Family Dental, they know they will be cared for. The practice offers individually customized treatment plans ensuring each patient gets the care they need.

A full range of restorative and preventative dental treatments are available at Crawford-Jarvis Family Dental. These range from bonding, crowns and bridges to dental cleaning and tooth extractions.

Now they are offering CEREC same-day crowns to give patients the smile they want without the added hassle of a second appointment. This also means patients are able to save more money by taking less time off from work.

Other benefits to the CEREC process include the fact patients can consolidate multiple treatment stages into one procedure. The treatment also ensures digitally precise craftsmanship preventing the need for “re-dos.”

Crawford-Jarvis Family Dental states: “With a lab-made crown, there’s always a risk for the off-site designed restoration to not fit properly. This can be due to human error or chemical changes in materials that cause them to reshape or warp between a dentist’s office and the lab.”

They add: “Even though technicians are specialists when it comes to hand-designing porcelain crowns, there’s always a risk for the restoration to not fit. When this happens, the entire process has to start over, leaving you waiting another two weeks to try the next crown on.”

CEREC can eliminate all of this, and there is no room for human error. This means the crown will fit perfectly on the first visit.

Those wishing to learn more can visit the Crawford-Jarvis Family Dental website on the link provided above.

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