Shreveport AC Installation WiFi Thermostat Home Automation Services Launched

AccuTemp Cooling & Heating, a Shreveport, Louisiana air conditioning contractor, launched updated temperature regulation solutions with the addition of the new Trane ComfortLink II XL950. The new WiFi thermostat allows custom temperature control for different zones and time periods, air quality management and other features.

AccuTemp Cooling & Heating, an air conditioning contractor based in Shreveport, Louisiana, announced an updated range of home automation and wireless temperature control solutions for homeowners looking to optimize the efficiency of their AC systems. The company offers the Trane ComfortLink II XL950, a modern WiFi thermostat allowing remote temperature control, air quality management and many other features.

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Indoor temperature management is essential for the residents’ health and wellbeing. Excessive heat during the summer can pose a variety of health issues, making it important for homeowners to ensure that their AC systems are able to provide adequate temperature regulation throughout the day.

AccuTemp Cooling & Heating is a professional air conditioning contractor serving residential and commercial clients in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana. To respond to the latest temperature management technology, the company announced the addition of the innovative Trane ComfortLink II XL950, a state-of-the-art WiFi thermostat allowing homeowners to customize their temperature regulation systems even when they are not at home.

The new WiFi thermostat allows users to set custom temperature values for different time periods, making it an ideal option for those looking for energy-efficient interior temperature management solutions. The versatile digital thermostat allows users to set higher temperature limits when they are at work, and only lower home temperature shortly before they arrive back home.

Trane ComfortLink II allows custom zone temperature regulation settings for users wishing to set different temperatures in each room. The thermostat provides intuitive instructions for installing and monitoring multiple temperature zones

Air quality management features are also available for Trane ComfortLink II users. With the Quick Clean and Allergy Clean cycles, homeowners can now optimize air quality using their air conditioning systems.

Finally, AccuTemp Cooling & Heating helps Shreveport and Bossier City homeowners take full control of their home temperature by using a state-of-the-art mobile app linked to their WiFi thermostat.

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