Shoulder Tendonitis Pain And Swelling Treatment Educational Report Launched

Metyourphysio announced that a new educational report is now available for those looking to discover the benefits of physiotherapy in the non-surgical treatment of shoulder tendonitis.

Metyourphysio, an online platform specialised in helping patients find good physiotherapists, announced the launch of a new report on shoulder tendonitis. The report provides detailed information about how to treat shoulder problems with physiotherapy and avoid surgery.

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Shoulder tendonitis refers to any tendon injury in the shoulder, whether it is chronic or acute. The newly launched report at Metyourphysio aims to help those struggling with shoulder problems relieve pain and restore their function without undergoing surgery.

According to Metyourphysio, some of the symptoms of tendonitis include pain when moving the shoulder, tenderness, swelling on the top and outer part of one’s shoulder, and weakness in one’s arm.

In the case of irritation or pain in the shoulder joint which stops one from their normal activities, the report recommends consulting a physician. Diagnostic procedures can include X-ray that uses electromagnetic energy beams to produce images, MRI or ultrasound that uses larger magnets, or a physical test where the doctor examines the shoulder to identify the location of the pain.

For those who do not feel severe pain, the report suggests engaging in shoulder exercises that will help reduce the effects of tendonitis. For example, one can stretch their arms in different directions, adopt good posture while sitting, avoid sleeping on the affected shoulder, avoid carrying heavy items on one’s shoulder, and resting.

The report further notes that the treatment of tendonitis depends on the patient’s diagnosis age, health and medical history. Some of the most common treatments are anti-inflammatory medicines, surgery in the case of ruptured tendons and damaged tissue, and use of cold packs to reduce inflammation on the affected area.

In addition, patients can opt for steroid injections to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as physical therapy to improve shoulder movements.

With the latest announcement, Meetyourphysio continues to expand its range of high-quality resources based on the latest physiotherapy innovations.

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