Short Hills NJ Family Lawyer Announces The Female Advantage of Women Attorneys

Known as the "DYFS Diva," Attorney Allison C. Williams is cited regularly by the media for her expertise in child welfare cases. Now, Family Lawyer Magazine has picked her as one of four "Women of Influence" to be recognized and interviewed in their upcoming issue.

In the traditionally aggressive, male-dominated legal world, women are making their mark. One of these women, Short Hills NJ Family Lawyer Allison C. Williams, speaks up about what women bring to the table in Diana Shepherd’s upcoming article “Women of Influence” in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine to be released this week.

Williams is one of four successful female lawyers interviewed by Shepherd in the piece, and one of the most notable women attorneys in New Jersey. Together, the four interviewees lay out why women make exceptional lawyers. Williams in particular focuses on why women family lawyers have a distinct advantage in their field, “the Female Advantage”.

The head of Williams Law Group, Allison C. Williams has earned the title of “DYFS Diva” – a reference to her skill and knowledge in DYFS (DCPP) law and keeping children safe in legal proceedings. In her field, she tells Shepherd, being able to balance typically feminine traits learned all one’s life with typically masculine traits associated with lawyers, can make all the difference.

According to Williams, “Women attorneys can offer the best of their natural feminine attributes as well as the best of their learned masculine attributes” — the latter referring to their necessity to learn traditionally masculine traits to navigate the legal world. This, she says, makes them ideal for the nuances of family law, allowing them to be both aggressive in the courtroom and fair in negotiated settlements.

Williams also comments on the positive attributes of an all-female workplace such as hers for women family lawyers. “In our firm, the attorneys can be vocal about their own successes and promote their own advancement without the ever-so-subtle backlash from male colleagues[…] Our office is the antidote to that.”

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About Allison C. Williams

Allison C. Williams, Esq. is founder and owner of the Williams Law Group, LLC. She focuses exclusively on matrimonial and family law, with a special emphasis on child welfare and DYFS/DCPP cases. Recognized nationally as the “DYFS Diva,” she has appeared on television and via various news media as a subject matter expert on child welfare law. More information about her firm and services can be found at

Sources: Family Lawyer Magazine; Williams Law Group, LLC

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