Shopping Guide: Natural, Organic Bathroom Products for Skin Care and Make Up

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Way of Pure launched a new report titled 6 Organic Bathroom Product Brands for a Cleaner Life and featuring an overview of six high-quality organic skin care brands.

Way of Pure, an informative website specializing in organic skin care products, launched a new report on six high-quality organic bathroom product brands. The online resource aims to provide readers with practical suggestions on where to find the best bathroom and skin care products that offer high standards of quality while also protecting the environment.

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The recent report offers an overview of six popular organic skin care and bathroom product brands, making it ideal for those looking for expert tips on finding the best organic alternative to synthetic creams, lotions, sprays and other products.

The report states: “Are you fed up with reading every label in the drug store, trying to find products that don’t contain any nasty chemicals, are not tested on animals, are organic or vegan? This list will help you find the best brands and online shops for organic bathroom products that make you feel good, look good, and are good for the environment!”

Among the organic brands featured in the report is Jenette All Natural Skin Care, a brand selling high-quality products made from sustainably sourced, plant-based, non-toxic ingredients. The products available at Jenette’s are free of harmful ingredients such as sulfate, parabens and glycol, while also being manufactured through cruelty-free, eco-friendly practices.

Though more expensive than generic skin care products available in drugstores, the report explains that Jennette’s products are worth the money due to their higher quality and the fact that they’re 100% organic.

For those looking for a more affordable alternative, the report recommends the Be Natural Organics line. Slightly cheaper than Jennette’s, this brand offers a variety of skin care products that are certified by multiple organizations.

Other brands included are Nuria, Organic Beauty Products, Credo and Vapour.

Way of Pure announced that it will continue to expand its range of consumer-oriented informative resources on organic health and beauty products.

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