Shopify Killer Neeraj Agarwal 2017 eCommerce WordPress Sales Plugin Launched

A new online store WordPress theme has been launched by Neeraj Agarwal. Shopify Killer helps business owners to quickly and easily launch an online store, boosting engagement and increasing sales.

Neeraj Agarwal has announced the launch of Shopify Killer, a new WordPress plugin for any business looking to sell products online. It can work for both physical and digital products and services, and help site owners to sell more and increase their online presence.

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The site explains that Shopify Killer is quick and easy to set up, which means that even business owners without design experience can quickly and easily create their storefront. It is also fully responsive, allowing business owners to engage with their audience regardless of their browsing device.

It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and allows site owners to quickly and easily add a storefront to their WordPress site. Other features include a full width slider to add five slider images to the storefront, ensuring it is eye catching and engaging.

The WordPress theme is designed from the ground up to maximize engagement and increase sales. It is fully customizable, with a range of theme colors and styles to choose from. This helps to ensure that it can match the brand of the customer’s company.

In addition to this, it has a journal feature that allows store owners to present a friendly face to their customers through regular entries. This develops trust and adds another level of engagement to the store, helping to increase sales.

The WordPress theme is quick and easy to set up, allowing business owners to create and launch an online store with ease. The admin interface is clean and simple, meaning that site owners don’t need to worry about their levels of expertise.

It is also fully secure and reliable, promoting a better peace of mind for the online storefront. The power of WordPress helps to ensure that the store is stable and easy to use, and business owners can reach out to more customers to boost sales regardless of their niche.

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Release ID: 268793