ShopABot Cindy Donovan 2018 Product Finding Traffic Generation Software Launched

A new shop building, product finding and traffic generation tool has been launched by Cindy Donovan, called ShopABot. It help business owners to achieve success in a competitive market.

Cindy Donovan has launched ShopABot, a new online store building tool and marketing insight platform to help more business owners achieve success in the competitive online market. It is a revolutionary way to ensure success when building an online store through high quality training and tactics, helping people to find the right products to launch their business effectively.

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The site explains that ShopABot is a revolutionary way to ensure success when launching an online store on Amazon. It’s the only Amazon store that is truly automated and comes with inbuilt traffic generation technology that is proven to get the best results for users.

There is a simple five step process to using ShopABot and benefitting from the technology it provides business owners.

The first step is to add their Amazon details, select their theme, and successfully complete their storefront. From there, they can import the products they want on Amazon, effectively creating their own Amazon page within the website.

Then they can use the proprietary viral products search engine to find the right items for their unique goals and aims. The next step is to create a viral landing page instantly using the tools provided, for the proven viral products available.

At that point, the user’s store is ready, and all they have to do is get the traffic snowball rolling. This can be achieved with tried and tested traffic generation tactics available through ShopABot.

The creators explain: “Your viral landing pages are 100% optimized to go viral, compelling your visitors to share to access perfectly tailored giveaways or win prizes you’re offering.”

There are a range of benefits to using ShopABot for anyone wanting to launch a successful Amazon business. There’s no need to import or update products manually, the platform updates in real time, and it is fully cloud based.

In addition to this, it is easy to customize, and is designed to be simple to use, even for those without any marketing experience.

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Release ID: 315036