Shohola PA Roofing Contractor Pre-Winter Roofing & Gutter Checks Announced

Shohola, PA roofing contractor Bill Bertsch Construction has recommended preventive roof inspections and repairs for residential roofing across its service area in and around Pike County. The recommendation is based on a sustained history of possible roofing damage caused by regional temperature fluctuations and precipitation.

Shohola, PA roofing contractor Bill Bertsch Construction announced the availability of its roofing services and recommended a complete inspection of roofs and gutters before winter. The company recommends a thorough check for cracks, seepage, damage, insecure hardware, and other weather-induced defects.

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According to the National Weather Service, Shohola Township and Pike County experience significant temperature changes and variations in local weather conditions. Current temperature records include a high of 93°F and a low of -18°F. The region has 39 days of thunderstorms, 22 days of snow, 47 days of heavy rain, and more than 150 days of light rain each year.

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have confirmed that increasing summer temperatures can exacerbate the diffusion of roofing materials, while moisture can damage wood, asphalt, metal, and clay. The report also mentions the detrimental effects of wind, sunlight, hail, rain, snow, and freeze-thaw phenomenon on roofing.

Bill Bertsch Construction recommends that residents and owners of commercial properties in the region perform regular roof checks to identify damage, soiling, and other defects. The Pike County, PA roofing contractor performs detailed inspections, repairs, and preventive maintenance of roofing in the region.

The Shohola, PA roofers possess expertise and experience in the repair and reroofing of seam metal roofs, roofing shingles, composite shingle roofing, and asphalt roll roofs. Pre-winter inspections and repairs are focused on the roofing membrane, caulking, joints, roof edges, and gutters. The company’s roofing experts also identify and fix damage caused by rain, hail, wind, and organic or inorganic debris.

According to a spokesperson for the Pike County roofing repair company, “Cold, wet, and inclement winter weather across Pike County prevents the effective repair of roofing materials. We recommend that homeowners and businesses across the region invest in cost-effective preventive inspections and repairs to avoid expensive roofing problems during the winter months.”

Headquartered in Shohola Township, PA Bill Bertsch Construction is a locally owned, full-service family construction firm offering general home remodeling, painting, flooring, roofing, siding, window & door replacement, and deck building, and home addition services. The company has operated in Pike County for more than 25 years. More information is available over the phone at 570-872-4309 and at the URL above.

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