Shih Tzu Behavior Problems Aggression Attention Seeking Solution Report Launched

“Shih Tzu And You” announced “Shih Tzu Behavior Problems - How To Conquer Them”, a new report on the most frequent Shih Tzu behavior problems and practical tips on how to address their most likely root cause.

“Shih Tzu And You”, an informative website on Shih Tzu grooming and training information, launched a new report on the most frequent Shih Tzu behavior issues and potential solutions. Readers will find a brief explanation of why Shih Tzus may develop behavior problems, as well as practical tips on how to train the dogs out of unwanted behavior and promote a healthier pet-owner relationship.

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Bred to be family companions, Shih Tzus are generally friendly, affectionate and outgoing; as with all breeds, however, these dogs can also develop behavior issues such as aggression, biting and inappropriate urination and excretion.

By implementing a series of effective strategies, however, Shih Tzu owners can train their dogs out of their bad behaviors, thus enjoying a healthier, happier relationship.

According to the report, at the core of most Shih Tzu behavior issues is the dog’s tendency to consider itself the alpha of the pack – in this case, the family.

To address the root cause of most behavior issues, Shih Tzu owners should enforce a new hierarchy: “The key, then, to solving shih tzu behavior problems is for the owner to establish his or herself as the alpha of the pack. The way to do this is to control the food and feeding times. There are one or two other things you can do to back up your claim to be leader but controlling the food is the main one.”

Shih Tzu owners are advised to have their meals first before feeding their dogs, no matter how much their Shih Tzus may beg. Placing the bowl in a designated place and enforcing a strict feeding routine can be highly effective solutions for many behavior issues, the report offering practical tips on how to achieve this.

Another effective strategy for the owner to assert their dominance is to go first through the door when leaving for a walk or coming back.

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