Shift In Online Ad Tracker Links Causes Online Businesses To Scramble Data

Curtis Chosen Marketing highlights the link between online ad trackers and online business successes. Further information can be found at

Online business marketing, especially affiliate marketing depends heavily on traffic to websites and offers. With the proliferation of many paid traffic sources, affiliate marketers have turned to online ad trackers and affiliate link tools.

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keeping costs under control is critical to maintain any business and finding and eliminating the areas of wasted expenses has become paramount in today’s competitive market. Nowhere is this more evident in the area of link tracking tools as they help marketers find and focus in on the ads that are bringing in positive return on investment while eliminating those advertisements that are not performing and costing more than they should.

Curtis of Curtis Chosen Marketing said “Most online ad tracker tools today provide many benefits. When looking for a link tracking tool, make sure it has at least the ability for click tracking, affiliate sales tracking, and conversion tracking, but also the ability to re-direct links so that when promotions expire the links can be pointed towards newer and more relevant offers.”

“Online marketers who spend money on traffic to their websites and offers but do not invest time and capital into a quality online link tracking tool or software tend to fall behind the power curve and lose ground to those that do” Curtis said. He went on to explain “the cost of traffic is significant when looking at conversion rates and margins have been driven lower by the steep competition. Expert marketers who use these online ad trackers have a competitive advantage and are winning the lions share of the successes. I won’t suggest what the best link tracker is because there are so many and they have various features that mean different things to different businesses.”

Rising competition has squeezed the margins lower in the online business marketing world and traffic costs have not dropped. The lower margins combined with high traffic costs means that every penny of ad spend an online marketer has needs to be maximized. Online ad trackers help to eliminate unnecessary ad waste and boost the winning campaigns.

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