‘Shift – A New Era Begins’ – featuring Mira Warszawksi in a newly published book

Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Author, Mira Warszawski is sharing her ‘Shift’ moment in a story entitled “Aspire To Be A Heroine”.

Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Author, Mira Warszawski is sharing her ‘Shift’ moment in a story entitled “Aspire To Be A Heroine”.

As the pandemic crept into the UK, Mira found herself in the thick of panic as she worked as a clinical nurse. It was an even greater shock as her asthma worsened. The development of Covid symptoms appeared, and fear took over her heart. One by one, her family all became ill, and in her growing terror, she asked for universal guidance through prayer. Miraculously, fear was replaced by inspiration of creativity, and she stepped up to become a coach. By the time of her return to work, she was no longer the same person.

Mira’s mantra following her lockdown experience is:

“We all have that inner power allowing us to change this world, as long as we strive to be a light for others.”

With this book project she believes that it is everyone’s individual role to play our parts in creating the new era and invites people to join in community to do so, leveraging the knowledge, expertise and insights of this book, which will start empowering conversations. She promises that readers will enjoy reading this collection of 25 uplifting perspectives.

You can purchase the book here: www.learnmoreabout.info/shift

Here is what Kim O’Neill – Confidence & Interview Coach said about the book: “What another great way to connect to people in the midst of “social distancing!” I love reading about the positive and deep transformation people are experiencing through COVID-19. This book has plenty of that. If you’d like more hope; to know you’re not alone; or to be inspired to see a deeper gift through unexpected challenges the pandemic brought you, this book is great for that”.

This book is part of a series that has been born through inspiration. Through the lockdown new stories emerged and the world seems to have shifted over-night. Many individuals have faced extreme challenges in these times and we have brought together the voices of this historic era. What was deemed normal has been questioned and shattered. All of a sudden, the impossible became possible, new ways of working were established and for the first time, we appreciated people who were working on the front line.

More about Mira and how to connect with her:

Mira lives in London with her family, which is at the heart of everything she does. Her calling is to empower others through writing, networking and humanitarian work. She works closely with ‘Rainbow Letters to Mother Earth Project ‘in the UK and the ‘World Institute for Peace in Nigeria’. She has trained to become a successful Life Coach who helps others find the courage within themselves so that they can follow their dreams as she does. More importantly she has compassion, empathy and the ability to listen to others without judging them, believing that everybody has the potential to change their life.


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