Sherwood Couples Counseling Opens New Office in San Antonio, TX

F. John Sherwood, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, has announced that Sherwood Couples Counseling will open a new office on September 9th at 147 E. Mistletoe Ave, Suite 5, San Antonio, Texas 78212.

San Antonio, Texas, United States – September 9th, 2014 /PressCable/

F. John Sherwood, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, has announced that Sherwood Couples Counseling will open a new office on September 9th at 147 E. Mistletoe Ave, Suite 5, San Antonio, Texas 78212.

Since 1985, Sherwood Couples Counseling has been a recognized and respected resource in San Antonio, offering hope though therapy and skill building for suffering couples, families and individuals locally. Now committed to providing flexible and creative methods to reach and serve more clients, F. John Sherwood is vigorously providing access to new clients throughout North America, Western Europe and the Middle East via private video conferencing.

Sherwood Couples Counseling builds skills and provides promise to clients in these important specialty service areas: couples, individual, child and custody problems, counseling for divorce, grief counseling, infidelity, anger and domestic violence, alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, trauma and PTSD, and psychiatric referrals. Intensive extended sessions that can help couples in crisis break through and stabilize their relationship are also available in person and by private teleconferencing.

For nearly 30 years as a licensed mental health practitioner, John Sherwood has delivered quality mental health services to individuals, couples and families. A native of San Antonio, Texas, John Sherwood's travels throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and Central and South America have given him a greater understanding of diverse languages and cultures.

His comprehensive experience draws on a rigorous academic education in clinical psychology and experience in the corporate environment. He is licensed by the Texas State Department of Health as a Licensed Professional Counselor, (LPC) and as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, (LMFT) and holds an impeccable record of service without one official or unofficial complaint filed against him or his license.

“Mental, emotional and financial stressors in the work place and in our families and personal lives have dramatically increased levels of depression, anxiety and widespread abuses of legal and illegal drugs sometimes resulting in suicide,” noted Sherwood. “This understanding has led to me to rededicate myself to helping couples heal emotionally from past wounds, rediscover the friendship in their relationships, and develop healthy and effective communication skills. These new skills will assist them in not only managing and resolving conflict, but also honoring the life dreams that once brought them together. And now coaching and skill building via the Internet removes all geographical barriers, extending hope to a wider range of adults and children,” he added.

Because of his extensive work with in-patient adult substance abuse recovery programs, Mr. Sherwood was asked by two separate hospital systems to write and design the curriculum for their in-patient recovery programs. He subsequently founded On-Track Recovery Inc., a one-year outpatient treatment and recovery program for adults addicted to alcohol and drugs and currently serves as its Director. The On-Track Recovery program has been a continuing and effective part of his private clinical practice.

His interest, passion and commitment to guiding couples through conflict led John Sherwood to the work of John Gottman, Ph.D. Dr. Gottman, along with his wife Dr. Julie Gottman, developed The Gottman Method of couples communication, a proven method based upon 40 years of Dr. Gottman's scientific research with both “the Masters and Disasters of Marriage.” The Gottman method is a scientifically based form of structured therapy and skills training to help clients achieve a deeper sense of understanding, empathy and connectedness in their relationship. By combining therapeutic interventions with scientifically founded couples exercises, clients develop the skills and tools necessary to understand and navigate the nature of conflict and build connection in their relationships.

Sherwood Couples Counseling is now located at 147 E. Mistletoe Ave, Suite 5, San Antonio, Texas 78212. For more information on all the services F. John Sherwood, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor provides to San Antonio, TX and globally through private video sessions, visit Sherwood Couples Counseling at

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Name: F. John Sherwood
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Address: 147 E. Mistletoe Ave, Suite 5, San Antonio, Texas 78212

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