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Sherman Oaks, California-based JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floorcare, a local, eco-friendly business serving the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley regions, (818-263-9314), has just released a report that reveals the health benefits associated with annual professional steam carpet cleaning routines.

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care provides a full range of residential and commercial cleaning and maintenance services to residents in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley areas. A recently released report explains why carpets need more than just regular vacuuming to remain clean and healthy. The company says annual steam cleaning services for rarely used areas and semi-annual steam cleanings for high traffic areas are crucial to the maintenance of healthy environments.

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Beautifully cleaned carpets are undeniably attractive, but unless they’re being professionally steam cleaned at least once a year chances are they harbor allergens and other particles that can affect the health of the people who live or work in those spaces. The new report released by JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care outlines the hidden health risks associated with carpets that are not thoroughly, regularly steam cleaned.

According to their report, for individuals that struggle with allergies or sensitivities to dust, pollen, pet dander and similar indoor particles, steam cleaning carpets is the best way to keep environments healthy and clean. For those with extra sensitivities to scents and odors, steam cleaning is the best option because it relies on water vapor and not perfumed powders or soaps that can trigger reactions.

Steam cleaning services can include carpet pre-treatments, bonnet cleaning, carpet scrubbing, hot water extraction, pre-conditioning and rinse and dry cleaning. These approaches result in clean, hygienic carpets, even in high-traffic areas.

The technicians at JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care offer advanced carpet cleaning methods that remove harmful germs, dirt, and airborne allergens. Their methods are 100% eco-friendly, Green-sealed, soap-free, fragrance-free and VOC compliant. Customers get the best results possible at budget-friendly prices.

A company spokesperson says, “Every carpet is different, so we adjust to the requirements of each to apply suitable methods that bring back that brand-new carpet look. We employ an eco-friendly process and only use products that are safe for kids, pets and the environment.”

With the release of their recent report, the experts at JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care are helping homeowners and building managers understand why routine carpet steam cleanings provide more than just an aesthetic benefit, they protect residents and workers from exposure to harmful airborne particles and allergens.

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