Shelburne VT Social Media Engagement System Marketing Plan eCommerce Launched

Strong Brand Social Express, a social media marketing service, has been launched in Shelburne VT, encouraging online retailers to optimize their brand strategies on major social media platforms.

Katie Wight, a product-based business expert based in Shelburne VT, has launched Strong Brand Social Express, a social media marketing strategy service that offers premium business consultancy designed to generate growth and increase company revenue.

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The newly launched Strong Brand Social Express is an expert guide to online content and social media plans, created with the aim of cutting out marketing guesswork and implementing proven strategies to build positive brand presence. The 9 lesson plan contains industry tips and tricks designed to create a social media machine that continually generates new interest and fosters brand loyalty.

The recently updated consulting and strategy agency service is ideal for consumer goods, e-commerce, and retail businesses looking to increase their social media engagement and transform site visitors into customers.

Specifically, the newly launched service is designed to create content and social media plans for online retailers, using social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram to systematically grow post engagement and funnel more prospects through the company site.

The service also includes lessons in measurement models, teaching online retailers how to measure the success of their social media posts. Instead of filling social media with empty content, Strong Brand Social Express’s new services encourage online retailers to adopt strategies and tactics that make their social media plans dynamic and decisive, creating results in the form of increased overall revenue.

Moreover, Strong Brand Social Express teaches businesses how to build paid social budgets that align with their business goals. Marketing expert Katie Wight has over a decade of experience in the production of content and social media campaigns for product-based businesses in the outdoor retail, beauty, and grocery industries.

With her comprehensive experience in maximizing company growth rate, social media engagement, and customer traffic, Wight employs powerful, proven tactics to create a clear connection between business goals, content strategies, and social media plans, helping retailers to transform their brand presence.

Strong Brand Social Express is a proven social media marketing system, containing over a 100 creative content prompts for product businesses, complete lessons on the nine critical elements of success, and expert guides on how to create channel-specific marketing strategies.

The new service aims to give people control over their online success by driving brand growth, increasing social media engagement, pushing targeted traffic through their pages, and transforming site visitors into paying customers in order to achieve short and long term business goals.

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-802-343-8526.

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