Shealite Unveals New Redesign Website

?Shealites' new website, now features better functionality and enhanced contents with state of the art design for improved user experience.

Shealite launches its new and improved website capable for various modes of payment such as Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, and American Express. This is to provide users the ease of use especially the mode of payment they are comfortable with. The new website has its enhanced menu capability for easy access and scrolling. With the application of the latest technologies, the HTML 5, the website has its adaptive CSS design that makes it versatile yet simple.

The redesigned Shealite website is now capable of browsing in various multi-media platforms such as the smartphones, tablets, PCs’, laptops, and a lot more, providing the user the enhanced experience every time that they get into the site. Shealites’ new website is content-wise and and very informative. Catering its new functionality, the new website has a very promising F.A.Q. page that answers all of the possible problems that a user might encounter not just with the website but mostly on the products.

The new blog page will now be capable of updating every single customers on the new releases of the company, including new products, discounts, sales, and other news beneficial to all customers and clients. And not just that, the whole website is connected to various social medias to cater more of the customers needs. These social medias includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Youtube which allows the user to share not just the benefits that they get, but also how useful it could be for their friends.

“Our website has always been an important way for us to share our new products to our customers. So we have improved our site to give our customers a new feel and ease. Also making various mode of payment possible to allow our customers to be at ease every time they have their purchase. Also creating a way for them to share their experience to their friends using social medias. The redesigned website has improved functionality to ensure an easier and more engaging experience for our customers.” says Doris Boat, SheaLite’s Market Manager.

Release ID: 90992