Shealite Ltd Unveils New Website

Shealite launches its new and improved website capable in social media sharing. The improved product page contains more detailed information for certain products.

SheaLite is the world’s premier brand of unrefined, organic and natural products, today announced the new and improved site to provide consumers with a more custom and interactive experience for shopping shealite products.

Created to provide easy user experience, the site uses latest technologies making it compatible in various devices such as tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Also with its new design, there are no more plugins required to open page and more installations of third-party software.

On the new Shealite website, users will be always updated on the new product releases, including sales and discounts and a lot more on SheaLite. The site also provides user-friendly experience with its new functionality and improved navigation, allowing customers to easily access detailed information on products. With the enhanced product page, more detailed information including benefits, direction for use, and usage of products is provided. Furthermore, the new website allows users to share products and pages that interest them with others across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social medias.

Catering wide variety of audience, SheaLite aims to provide good quality of service by having a site capable of payment through various mode such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, several banks, and a lot more. With these, customers will have ease in shopping based on what payment they can make. The new site also provides detailed product description with all the details necessary for the customers to understand the nature of the products and also their benefits. And not just that, this also caters very good customer service allowing customers to have their comments and suggestions on the company and also about the products, even tracking their orders online.

“The redesigned website has improved functionality to ensure an easier and more engaging experience for our customers,” says Doris Boat, SheaLite’s Market Manager.

Release ID: 83181