Shea butter reaches 1,000 users

Chemekx Grade A Shea butter reaches 1,000 users of the popular Shea butter product.

/PressCable/ — Karla announces its 1,000 milestone for users of its Shea butter, Chemekx Grade A Shea butter. In celebration of this major event, Karla is reducing the price for a limited time as a thank you to our loyal customers and so more consumers can enjoy the fantastic product. Details can be found on the website:

Chemekx Grade A Shea butter has attracted users who are interested in a product that offers no chemicals and is pure and organic and softly melts in the hand, not hard like some other Shea butters. The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including hair oil, body creams etc. This due to the tremendous skin healing qualities and helps with burns and cuts. The fact that it is one hundred percent natural and has fantastic versatility means Chemekx grade A shea butter can be used by many professionals to make different products.

Karla, ceo, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of Chemekx Grade A Shea butter and upon reaching this milestone, had this to say about the fantastic Shea butter, it has skin healing qualities and makes the skin smoother and softer from the first use that only gets better the more you use it:

“Chemekx has worked very hard to find and market true authentic grade A shea butter. So many users have commented on the superiority of the Shea and are proud to recommend it to friends and family as well as strangers. This can be verified by the many positive consumer reviews Chemekx on multiple platforms including Amazon. The texture has been described as truly amazing. Also the ivory colour is the preferred type of Shea butter and Chemekx have always believed in delivering quality as well consumer preference and demand.”

People looking for a new Shea butter are encouraged to take a look at the Chemekx Grade A Shea butter website at


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