Shardico announces hottest NFT, “Cardsharks” to be available Spring 2022

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CardsharksNFT, the hottest Solana NFT drop of 2022 to be made available Spring 2022. Follow CardSharksNFT on Twitter

FORT COLLINS, CO – Shardico, a Colorado corporation announces their first NFT project titled CardSharksNFT.

This project, to be minted on the Solana blockchain, will feature a collectible series of original artwork card decks backed with world-class adventure trips, contests, and games for NFT holders. CardSharks will make available 5,400 variations upon launch in Spring 2022.

The CardSharksNFT team, Bryzel, Blanco, Berto, and Brukx, are completing the collection featuring a variety of species of sharks, in very limited and rare NFT combinations. Sneak peeks of the original artwork are available on the CardSharks website at

Founded upon the mission to utilize ‘art for the ocean’ for the greater global good, CardSharks will also donate a portion of the NFT proceeds to protect the world’s oceans and seas. Bryzel, a company representative, was quoted “the oceans and the creatures within are the Earth’s heartbeat and lifeblood. Our initial project, CardSharks will the first of several projects focused on the protection of our oceans”.

Blanco, the CardShark videographer will be filming CardShark update videos in Shark-o-vison. These videos will be shared via Twitter during March and April 2022.

NFT airdrops are expected to begin in April 2022 with other lotteries and contests for initial limited NFT’s. Follow the CardSharks Twitter page for the latest information. These airdrops will include minted NFT shark ‘chum’ tokens to be used in future games and contests.

The CardSharks digital assets will be expanding in the upcoming months, however, their Twitter page is now the hub for all of the latest updates and information. Follow CardSharksNFT at

Get ready for one of the hottest NFT drops of 2022. The latest pre-launch CardShark NFT merchandise is available on the CardSharksNFT website. This includes hoodies, stickers, and frisbees.

For more information contact:

Name: Brooks Hinkle


Organization: Shardico

Phone: 307-286-9211


Release ID: 89065190