Shannon Graham Life Coach Reveals Being True to Oneself in New Youtube Video

Shannon Graham is a Life Coach, with a powerful message just released on Youtube. The video goes over critical self assessment questions one should ask to determine if they living their most honest, truest life.

Shannon Graham is a Life Coach that has just released a new series of videos, helping clients understand what it means to be true to oneself, and avoid pressures of succumbing to living someone elses version of their life.

This comes at a critical point, as thousands of people struggle in tough economic times to maintain their personal and professional integrity. Shannon Graham’s message isn’t the same as other life coaches; it’s his unique perspective from sitting and talking with celebrities, actors, doctors and lawyers that know they are seeking out more in their life than simply “getting by”.

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In a world of deceit, it is easy to hide the true purpose of life, even to oneself. Shannon Graham asks pivotal questions to not only initiate self-reflection, but provide the proper amount of motivation to take the next steps. Shannon explains it has to come from within, but often times it takes a catalyst to spark the change people seek. The video is shot with an informal beach setting, with a powerful message that transcends the backdrop of the open blue sky and ocean water.

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