Shanghai Real Estate Ambassador Realty Rebrands as Ambassador Relocation

Moving to Shanghai for business is more common than ever. Without the right resources it can also be difficult. Responding to client needs Ambassador Realty have rebranded as Ambassador Relocation and are focused on delivering quality relocation services to expats and foreign workers

Moving to Shanghai, China is something that’s increasingly common for people in a wide range of different businesses fields. Without the right resources it can also be incredibly difficult and frustrating. Responding to client needs real estate experts Ambassador Realty have rebranded as Ambassador Relocation and are focused on delivering premium relocation services to foreign clients.

The life of an expatriate is often an exciting one, filled with new experiences, opportunities and adventure. That said, the actual act of moving to a foreign country can be one of life’s greatest headaches. Fortunately, when it comes to China’s economic hub, Shanghai, professional help is available that can make this kind of move smooth and painless. Enter Ambassador Relocation, Shanghai relocation experts who recently rebranded from Ambassador Realty, which had a more broad focus. Ambassador Relocation specializes in helping businesses relocate their employees to the city in an organized and dependable way, along with working with individual expats interested in living in Shanghai for any number of good reasons. The news of the rebranding has been met with enthusiasm.

“We understood the need to adapt and expand our range of services to cater to the increasing demand of foreign companies and expats coming to work in Shanghai,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We’ve been in this field since 2005 and understand the ins and outs of how to get things done quickly and efficiently, that are very difficult to maneuver for someone with no experience in the area. Our rebranding better describes our focus and we look forward to continuing to deliver real value to our growing number of clients.”

According to Ambassador Relocation, they have access to every kind of living arrangement a person is likely to need, including apartments, villas, lane houses and serviced apartments. The company is sure to find out a client or their family’s special needs like schooling so this can be worked into the locations looked at, as well as the price range they are most comfortable with.

Ambassador Relocation are also happy to offer City Orientation Services, Tenancy Management and a wide range of immigration services.

Feedback from expatriates and business people who have used their services have been positive across the board.

Michael S., from Boston, but now living in Shanghai, recently said in a five star review, “I can’t imagine what it would have been like moving to China without Ambassador Relocations help. Some things are just done very differently here and without knowing that it can really burn up a great deal of time. The company solved all these issues, I love my apartment and neighborhood and my business here is going great. Fully recommended.”

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