Shallow Water Anchor Power-Pole Blade Quick Stop High-Precision Version Launched

MotorTech announced an updated version of its popular Power-Pole Blade. The shallow water anchor offers precise deployment, improved wireless technology and extreme durability, the Everflex spike coming with a lifetime warranty.

MotorTech, a company based in Suffolk, Virginia, launched an updated edition of its popular Power-Pole Blade, a high-precision shallow water anchor designed for fresh or salt waters up to 10-foot deep. The new version offers improved wave absorption technology, an aircraft-grade aluminum body to minimize weight and increase durability, new wireless controllers and a variety of other features.

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The new Power-Pole Blade features the C-Monster control system for instant, precise deployment in water up to 10-foot deep. The fully-digital system ensures silent deployment, making the Power-Pole Blade an ideal shallow water anchor for all types of fresh or salt water fishing.

For improved durability and reduced weight, the new anchor system is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The new bracket design is more flexible for improved shock absorption and features a polymer core for extreme durability and reduced weight.

The new version also comes with significant improvements in wireless technology and deployment speed. The Hydraulic Pump Unit (HPU) benefits from improved signal strength, allowing for near-instant communication with the Power-Pole Controllers. The standard two-button controller and the surface-mount switch offer instant deployment and adjustable speed settings, as well as multiple-anchor control.

All purchases come with a lifetime warranty on the Everflex spike.

The recent service update is part of the company’s efforts to provide cutting-edge shallow water anchoring solutions for clients in Virginia and nationwide.

A satisfied client said: “I have been using Power Poles since 2010. They make great products and have excellent customer service. Power Poles have been key in catching fish on many occasions. I have a 2018 Skeeter FX20 LE on the way with dual PP Blades and the new CMonster control system and I am adding the foot switches to the front deck as well. I would definitely recommend Power Poles to anyone looking for a durable and reliable shallow water anchor.”

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