Shabby Chic Home Decor Ideas Vintage Room Distressed Decorations Report Launched

Decorative View launched “Enjoy Comfort And Style With Shabby Chic Decor”, a new report offering practical tips and suggestions on creating the popular home décor style.

Decorative View, an informative website specializing in home décor and interior design, launched a new report on the increasingly popular “shabby chic” decorating styles. Combining vintage and modern elements, this style aims to create a comfortable, romantic look without compromising on freshness and creativity.

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According to the report, the shabby chic style is based primarily around the idea of comfort and style, combining vintage elements with modern arrangements to create unique interiors.

An important aspect of a shabby chic interior is coziness and a feeling of familiarity, which is why flowers and floral decorations are common. Soft, organic lighting solutions are preferred, making candles another common feature.

Since this style makes creative use of vintage designs, the report suggests using old lace, furniture with worn paint, and vintage textiles to create a warm, yet classic interior.

Despite its name, this interior style does not rely on chaotic, disorderly designs. The report says, “While you don’t want your home to be a chaotic mess, you can freely display vintage items and other interesting pieces around your home. You will find lots of interesting details when you go with this style like glass doorknobs, antique mantels, and vintage metal.”

A useful addition for any shabby chic design is wrought metal – and the older the metal, the better. Rusty iron can add unique vintage accents, and metal items can also be combined with floral decorations and candles to create custom designs.

According to the report, flowers and soft candle light contribute to the romantic feel and are ideal for anyone looking to create a shabby chic home décor – one that is warm, romantic and inviting.

The report says: “Shabby chic décor is warm and inviting and your home will turn into a romantic place that you don’t want to leave. This style is unforgettable and if you love romance, vintage furnishings and comfort, you can’t go wrong with this look and style.”

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