Sexy Mamas Day Out set to deliver fun and relaxation in San Diego, CA

Luci Lampe, Founder of Sexy Mama Movement and organizer of the new Sexy Mamas Day Out, announced her new Personal Growth for Moms event will be held in San Diego, CA on September 30, 2017.

Moms looking for a day of personal growth and relaxation can register to attend Sexy Mamas Day Out scheduled for September 30, 2017.

Sexy Mama Movement is sponsoring this year’s event, with the theme focusing on the concept: “It’s time to take a day off -YES – a whole day just for YOU!” It will feature these speakers and topics, in addition to Luci Lampe, Founder:

Alisa DiLorenzo – Couples Relationships.

Denise Loufti – Beyond Diet Health Solutions.

Felena Hanson – Female Entrepreneurship.

Full details on the event can be found on the company website at

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the host of the event, Luci Lampe said that after the birth of her fourth child, she realized that she wasn’t the only mom – with young children at home – who was facing an uphill battle getting her life back on track after childbirth. And though she was an experienced personal fitness trainer, she found herself again confronting special challenges to her well-being that were not often addressed directly and satisfactorily. And thus the idea was formed to pioneer concepts of fitness, well-being, and personal growth for moms who ‘want to bring their sexy back.’

It was working through this combination of “busy-ness and beautiful chaos” that inspired Luci to create her Sexy Mama Movement, designed to be a place where moms find fun, connection, and personal growth. Luci says “It’s all about moms living as their most powerful, authentic, unapologetically sexy selves. A sexy mama is someone who is confident and comfortable in her own skin. The woman who embraces who she wants to become.”

Luci is now also the author of the book ‘Achieving Sexy – Redefining Your Momlife And Mombod,’ available on Amazon, as well as creator of the Sexy Mama Movement YouTube channel.

This year’s Sexy Mamas Day Out event will be held on Sat, September 30, 2017 from 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM, at Marina Village Conference Center: Terrace Room. 1936 Quivira Way San Diego, CA 92109

The Sexy Mama Movement website has full details about the sessions at this year’s event at:

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