Sex Therapist Rob Peach Discusses the Myths Behind Behavioral “Addiction”

In a new blog post on his website, psychotherapist and sex therapist Rob Peach discusses the idea behind “porn addiction” and whether or not the condition is clinically validated.

Based in Toronto, Rob Peach provides sex therapy and maintains a blog which can be found on his website, Sex Therapy Toronto. Providing counseling for sexual dysfunctions, sexual fetishes and more, Peach has posted a new article to address the misnomer of what is often referred to by many as “porn addiction”.

According to Peach, “porn addiction” is not actually a confirmed form of addiction and while some people find it hard to regulate their use of porn, it is not clinically valid for the behavior to be labeled as an addiction due to lack of research and evidence.

Peach was interviewed by an online journalist, where he was asked questions about porn addiction and its effects on a person’s life: “Porn addiction is [a] concept that has been created to explain or help people make sense of compulsive sexual behaviors. While it is a term that has become part of our everyday language, the concept of porn addiction is not a clinically validated, evidence based or scientifically proven phenomena,” stated Peach when initially questioned about what the phenomenon actually means.

He also agrees that controlled viewing of pornography can be healthy for a person and allows one to explore his or her sexuality in a safe environment. When one’s inclination towards porn starts interfering with a person’s personal life or work life, that’s when it may be more correctly categorized as an “addiction”.

Peach was also questioned about when sex therapy may become necessary for behavior in relation to pornography usage, to which he responded “there is no criteria that one needs to meet in order to be seen by and there is no harm in getting support at any point with issues related to your sexual behavior.”

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