Sex Pill Ingredient Found in Brain Supplement Formula

Brain Pill Advisor research reveals a natural sex pill ingredient in the increasingly popular American brain pill, NITROvit. Founder Ray Christensen explains why.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – August 14th, 2014 /PressCable/

Just in the past few years, it seems that America's elite has been cast under a spell with an obsession of discovering new ways of optimizing their brain to function at maximum.

Never mind the little clear pill that allows the use of 100% of the brain in a certain Hollywood movie, but there are actually brain supplements available on the market called “nootropics” that feed the brain with proper nutrients and vitamins, allowing an enhanced state of focus, memory, and mood, among other benefits. One such nootropic is the increasingly popular NITROvit.

Nootropics contain a variety of different ingredients that all work collectively to optimize the different parts of the brain. In an in-depth study and review conducted by Brain Pill Advisor just this week, it was revealed that one of NITROvit's key ingredients Oat Straw is apparently also found in modern sex pills. That is, a substance that increases blood flow around the body, strengthening male erections.

Brain Pill Advisor is a nonprofit organization that releases the latest news and information regarding brain enhancement, while also reviewing various brain supplements available on the market.

In an interview with Ray Christensen, founder of Brain Pill Advisor, he explains, “Perhaps what makes NITROvit so effective as a brain pill lies in the clever use of Oat Straw.” While Oat Straw is considered a powerful nootropic, there are only a handful of products that incorporate it in their formula due to its dual effect as a male enhancement supplement.

“Oat Straw is an amazing ingredient, which can be likened to most superdrugs. It vastly improves focus and memory, while also providing a substantial energy boost that comes from a cellular level – unlike other stimulants such as caffeine. In addition, it creates a slight euphoria, where sensory experience becomes more vivid. However, what's more is that on the other side of things, Oat Straw also works toward male enhancement, causing longer-lasting erections, increased sex drive, and delayed ejaculations.”

“Quite possibly, the ultimate secret behind NITROvit lies within its formula. Unlike most other male enhancement pills that give hour-long erections, the dosage of Oat Straw in NITROvit is low enough to allow some of the benefits of male enhancement pills on hand, but with full control. It's not just about sex though, with increased libido also comes improved mood, confidence, and the right mindset to get things done, as well as increased performance – be it in the office or the bedroom.”

Archie Marks, CEO and Founder of Neuro Laboratories also confirms this finding, mentioning that some of their client emails include praise for “harder, longer, and stronger erections in the bedroom” with extended use, while at the same time compliments for the effects being “subtle enough to not be distracting”.

Marks commented, “We have included Oat Straw in small enough quantities to accommodate only for the very first stage involving increased blood flow. An example of the first stage might involve the lips and skin becoming more sensitive to kissing and touch, as the blood flow in the body is increased. This effect is ever so subtle to the point that it is almost unnoticeable, as our formulation allows for more focus to the brain. Don't worry, you won't need to hide your arousal as Susan from reception walks by. But more importantly, as according to the Yerkes-Dodson law, this very slight increase in arousal is at an optimal point to result in an increase in performance as well.”

Christensen also added, “It is all about that sweet spot. NITROvit is great in that its effects, both for the brain and for libido, are both potent, yet subtle. This is what most makers of little blue sex pills can't seem to get right. NITROvit's ingredients bring a certain equilibrium in potency and subtlety that is almost impossible to imitate, producing a win-win scenario where both increased libido and enhanced mental abilities work together synergistically. In essence, the total effect is greater than the sum of the two. This is all thanks to Marks' 8 years spent creating the finalized NITROvit formula”

Perhaps this is why America's success-hungry execs are now choosing to both perform better and let off steam with smart pills, as opposed to the stimulants of old such as cocaine and Adderall.

In just the last 18 months, NITROvit has garnered our choice for Best Performing Cognitive Enhancing Pill, as well as the respect and love of brain enhancement and nootropic communities alike. With the ball now rolling as NITROvit continues to gather increasingly more awards again this year, it seems the universe and the cosmos have once again aligned perfectly to give Marks and his team yet another wonderful year.

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