Server Relocation & Data Centre Migration Experts Announce New Hardware Audit

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Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd revealed details on their new case study. More information can be found on

Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd recently announced details on their case study with Royal Mail. This demonstrates how the IT relocation experts will able to apply themselves to carry out a physical hardware and main IT estate audit.

Sunspeed utilised laptop computers and portable bluetooth barcode scanners to ensure a 12 point asset schedule could be put in place.

Royal Mail and other potential customers will be pleased to hear how the company were able to reduce human error failure by cross checking all information.

The case study with Royal Mail is available at

Royal Mail Group is the UK’s designated Universal Postal Service Provider, supporting customers, businesses and communities across the country. They are the only company that has the capability to deliver a ‘one-price-goes-anywhere’, six-days-a-week service on a range of letters and parcels to more than 29 million addresses across the UK.

The completed asset schedule was a highly detailed asset management tool that allowed the Royal Mail Group to:

View and manage their IT estate down to the finest detail

Plan their consolidations and Data Centre Migration project

Have a working platform to add and record new assets as required

More information on the Data center migration business can be found on the website

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