Serial Entrepreneur Kosi Stobbs Equips Tru Colors Brewing Company With Brewhouse

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Kosi Stobbs, owner of Property Owl Group Of Companies and CEO of Specific Mechanical Systems, recently built a 50 bbl/day brewhouse for Tru Colors, a brewery in North Carolina brewing for change.

Kosi Stobbs, serial entrepreneur and owner of Property Owl Group Of Companies, acquired brewing equipment manufacturer Specific Mechanical Systems and recently built a 50 bbl/day brewhouse for Tru Colors Brewing Company, a brewery in North Carolina hiring active gang members from rival gangs with a commitment to create unity and camaraderie through beer.

The mission of Property Owl Group Of Companies and Kosi Stobbs is simple — to purchase mid-sized businesses and transition them into ones that leave a legacy. They do this by valuing transparency, honesty, and fairness above all else. As a serial entrepreneur and business buyer, Stobbs thrives in new roles with new companies.

After acquiring Specific Mechanical Systems, a brewing equipment manufacturer based in Victoria BC, Stobbs became focused on maximizing the output of local breweries brewing for change and the connection between Specific Mechanical and Tru Colors happened naturally.

The headquarters of Tru Colors Brewing Company is now home to a 50 bbl/day brewhouse from Specific Mechanical Systems, and the Wilmington-based brewery has the capacity to brew the change their community deserves.

The brewing equipment has been installed at Tru Colors and beer will be available at the end of June 2021.

About Property Owl Group Of Companies

Property Owl Group Of Companies, founded by multiple-eight figure earner and serial entrepreneur Kosi Stobbs, is a diversified portfolio of companies that Stobbs has created long-term growth opportunities for. With a commitment to every company he obtains, Stobbs puts an emphasis on maintaining company culture while also bracing the amount of change that’s required for the company to realistically prosper.

About Kosi Stobbs

Kosi Stobbs is a first-generation Canadian who made a name for himself by saving, investing, and spending his money wisely. He’s the owner of multiple seven and eight figure businesses through Property Owl Group Of Companies, is a real estate investing mogul and serial entrepreneur, was named Canada’s Top 40 under 40 and Vancouver’s Forty under 40 in 2020, and is now the author of his first millionaires manifesto, F$CK BROKE: LET’S GET RICH. Stobbs is always in the business of buying businesses.

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