Serenity Designs vs Competing Sacramento Local Landscape Designers Contractors

Serenity Designs today announced it would be taking on Sacramento local landscape designs contractors with its Superior custom landscaping designs. More info at

Serenity Designs today announced it would be taking on competing Sacramento local landscaping design contractors with its Superior custom landscaping designs along with its 5 star customer service. This will be exciting news and of real benefit to prospective clients who are anxious to beautify their outdoor living spaces with unique and serene landscaping designs especially in the Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville area.

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Serenity Designs, a popular Landscaping Design company in Rocklin has decided it will make a real push to be known not only for it’s Superior custom landscaping but, also beautiful landscape designs.

This will be a real bonus to clients in areas around Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville, who may have had to choose two separate local landscaping design contractors.

Brandon Ellis, Owner and Designer at Serenity Designs, says: “We will continue to provide Superior custom landscaping along with our 5 star customer service to our clients. However, We’re making a big push to provide also, Landscaping design services because we saw a real need for this addition.

This has proven to be cost effective too. It’s creating a better product with everyone being on the same page both visually and contractually. Our customers enjoy being part of the whole process from the initial consultation on design, to the finished product. Also, offering a unique design reduces chances of unexpected change orders and surprises which inevitably end up in more costs to the customer”.

Serenity Designs has always made a point of standing out when compared to other Landscaping Designers in the Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville area. This new move is just one of the many ways it aims to continue to do so.

Brandon Ellis is also most proud of having and retaining extremely happy customers due to delivering outstanding quality of workmanship and customer service along with always keeping the price fair and the same for each customer. He believes this is a major reason why customers have chosen them over Competing Sacramento local landscaping design contractors.

Since opening our doors, our competitors saw that we were a force to be reckoned with when it came to our beautiful, cost effective landscaping designs and solutions. Our focus on high quality creative designs along with a clear picture for the customer from start to finish also reduces the chances of change orders for which other companies embrace to make more money.

This announcement is a great chance for the folks of Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville to try out the unique custom landscaping designs along with the landscaping as well as 5 star customer service provided by Serenity Designs. This invitation goes out to both new and loyal customers, who will continue to be served passionately.

Brandon also mentioned:“While Serenity Designs may not be the only business in the area to offer this, I believe we do it the best; So Homeowners ready to start beautifying their yard, hopefully, will give us the opportunity over Competing Sacramento landscaping design contractors. New customers will find we offer innovative, cost effective design solutions even in hard to work areas such as retaining walls.

We also have a reputation for melding problems with creative solutions. Such as having the unique ability to carve concrete to imitate the natural surroundings. We create colors and textures to suit the customers personal taste which is very appealing to savvy clients. In addition, we provide the functionality necessary to have a perfect finished product!”.

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