Serenade For My Baby Childrens Picture Book Love & Belonging Affirmations Launch

A new picture book with a focus on helping children’s brain development has been launched. Called “Serenade For My Baby Love”, it helps to give children the best start in life.

A new children’s book will launch on November 20th ahead of Thanksgiving, called “Serenade For My Baby Love”, by Arzu Tunca and Rebecca Freeman, and illustrated by Ying Hui Tan. It is a collection of affirmation-like poems for the parent and toddler to enjoy together, sowing the seeds for them to express their love.

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The team behind the book explain that for anyone who loves their child and wants the best for them, one of the best ways to express gratitude to the child is to gift them better brain development and the best start in life.

That is where “Serenade For My Baby Love” can help, as the book was created to help aid mental development.

A child’s primary need is to feel loved by the parent, and to feel attached to them. Bonding and spending time together is highly important, and helps to shape the child’s mental development.

The way brain development works, more advanced skills build upon basic ones in the brain. Therefore building a strong foundation in love, attachment and security can help to foster greater brain development as the child grows.

“Serenade For My Baby” offers opportunities for the parents to physically connect with their child as they read to them, touch them, kiss them, and hug them. By reading the books in this way, it creates an energy of love, along with feelings of belonging and security.

What’s more, parents are able to create a belief in their child that they are worthy of love. As these feelings grow, the process will also help to shape the executive functioning centers in the brain for focus and attention, and building language and vocabulary.

In turn, this will better prepare them for learning in school and for achieving success in life. A number of skills are dependent on how the brain develops, including persistence, learning from failure, embracing challenges, and developing executive functioning skills.

As a special, very limited time Thanksgiving gift, the ebook version of “Serenade For My Baby” will be available free on Amazon from November 22nd to November 24th at this link:

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