Septic Tank Waste Breakdown Fizzing Oxy-Tabs With Beneficial Bacteria

EcoNow Solutions enhanced Septic Oxy-Tabs product that utilizes microbial and oxygen-generating technology to maintain septic systems and help prevent backups.

EcoNow Solutions, a supplier of home septic and drain care products, has launched improved Septic Oxy-Tabs for use in home septic systems.

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The recently enhanced Septic Oxy-Tabs are based on technology used in industrial applications, and provide an affordable solution for homeowners to prevent messy, smelly and costly septic back-ups.

According to the Census Bureau, septic systems are used by over 26 million homes in the US. A well-maintained septic tank can last for many years, providing ecologically safe wastewater and sewage disposal.

However, poorly maintained septic systems can lead to clogs or back-ups, creating mess and foul odors in the home, and costing anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to repair. The improved Septic Oxy-Tabs from EcoNow Solutions are designed to prevent such occurrences using patent pending technology to initiate the breakdown of septic waste.

EcoNow’s Septic Oxy-Tabs technology contains billions of select microorganisms combined with a unique oxygen generating formula.

While every septic tank will have naturally occurring bacteria, these can be killed or overrun by household chemical cleaners, bleach, anti-bacterial soap, and caustic drain openers.

The bacteria and enzymes contained within EcoNow’s Septic Oxy-Tabs help to restore the balance of beneficial bacteria within the system, encouraging the breakdown of household waste, solids, grease, and toilet paper.

In addition to microorganisms, the new Septic Oxy-Tabs contain an oxygen releasing formula, encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria. Unlike other liquids or powders which may float on the surface, Oxy-Tabs are designed to sink and work from the bottom up.

The time release action of the Septic Oxy-Tabs creates a bubbling/fizzing effect, which encourages the spread of bacteria throughout the tank and along pipe walls.

All materials used in EcoNow’s Septic Oxy-Tabs are non-hazardous, naturally occurring, non-pathogenic and biodegradable.

In addition to septic systems, EcoNow Solutions also offer Drain & Pipe Oxy-Tabs, utilizing the same unique technology.

A company representative stated: “For many years, our focus has been on industrial applications but we have now taken our groundbreaking technology and applied it to homeowner applications including septic system maintenance and drain care.”

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