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Geeky Tech announced the availability of their Web and Search Service beginning Now. More information can be found at

Business owners looking for the latest SEO Services will now be able to get in touch with IT marketing agency Geeky Tech. Recently Ben Hawkshaw-Burn, CEO at Geeky Tech releases details of their SEO service’s development.

The Web and Search Service is designed to appeal specifically to IT and Tech Companies and includes:

Understanding & Analysis – Geeky Tech aim to get to know their customers, the business and their target audience. Customers will likely appreciate this part of the service as Geeky Tech are able to paint a picture of the ideal customer so they can develop a deeper understanding of how they search online.

Building Search Foundations – Once the it marketing agency develops an understanding of the customer market, competitors and the target audience they move onto building search foundations. Customers will enjoy this feature of the service as the information can be used to review and benchmark them against their competitors to create a bespoke SEO strategy.

Ben Hawkshaw-Burn, when asked about the Web and Search Service said:

“As a team we have a very unique way of working together at Geeky Tech. With the endless changes in web and search we can’t risk our clients sites with anyone other than a Geeky Tech Geek. We partner with you and your team to ensure we have a detailed understanding of your businesses needs. Through good old fashioned digging we outline your objectives and create a vision of how your new site needs to look. We take that vision and create a beautifully tailored website that truly reflects your brand and values as well as being optimised for functionality and usability for your target audience.”

Those interested in learning more about Geeky Tech and their Web and Search Service scan do so on the website at

Business contact information can be found below:

Geeky Tech

Parallel House 32 London Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AB

0203 800 1212

Release ID: 367675