“SEO & PPC Slowly Dying” Brantford Internet Marketing Company’s Expert Says

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Brantford Internet marketing company says faulty assumptions responsible for killing SEO, and PPC has become a "rocket science", but much easier alternative is now available.

An Internet marketing company based in Brantford, ON says SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is on a slow death sentence while PPC (Pay Per Click) is becoming a difficult monster to handle. Both SEO and PPC have been staples for many local businesses to get customers online, but that may no longer be the case in the years to come with some of the effects already starting to show.

According to their website http://onthemarklocalmarketing.com/ SEO has become “a convoluted and twisted entity that is more about beating the search engines rather than working with it.” The site explains, “because people tried to game the system, the search engines set up more rules and ways to track down and penalize these gamers. Since then, it has become a type of cops and robbers game.”

Thomas Cha, the owner of On the Mark Local Marketing, added, “The whole premise of SEO is wrong. Think about it. Who would win between teams of genius-level mathematicians working for Google and reverse engineers trying to understand and crack it? By definition, the reverse engineers have to be always a few steps behind. And the gap can only widen as the algorithm gets more complex to weed out the falsified results. You have to approach it from a different angle.”

Drawing a comparison, Thomas Cha explained further by saying, “SEO is like trying to fix leaks in the roof and wondering why there are so many holes and gaps. They don’t realize that the weak and shifty foundation is the cause of it all. It’s a symptom-based approach. You have to attack the foundation first. You have to identify what Google and all the other search engines want in the end and just give it to them. If you do that, your job is so much easier, safer, and faster. Following this principle, I’ve routinely achieved first page presence in a few hours that takes regular SEO companies weeks or months.”

On the topic of PPC, Cha was more optimistic. But, he noted that it has become very complex in recent years that most business owners are unable to learn the system and run it on their own. With so many new features and changes, it often takes a dedicated company or employee(s) to keep up and maintain a profitable campaign. The other option is to hire an outside Internet marketing company.

Yet, because there is often so much complexities involved with running a PPC campaign, Cha says he’s seen a shift toward a done-for-you Pay Per Call service, which he now offers in place of Pay Per Call. “It’s a complete DFY system where we don’t need to touch your site at all. You just tell us what kinds of customers you want and we do everything. You just get the calls.” Cha says the reaction to his PPCall (Pay Per Call) service has been very positive because he markets it as a performance-based marketing system where his clients only pay for legitimate live calls, thereby reducing or eliminating fears and risks often associated with trying new marketing services.

More information can be found on http://onthemarklocalmarketing.com/

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